Video sugar helps the medicine go down

dlogic 2009-06-26 11-48-41

Hard to argue with the notion that video strengthens brand messaging — the radio guys of the ’40s would surely agree (see new study released today by DoubleClick and Dynamic Logic — OK, yes, they may not be exactly dispassionate 3rd parties on the topic, but neither am I).    The key, as they note amdist the chorus of “rich media and video, rich media and video” is knowing what you want.  I’ve had 3-panel banners beat the daylights out of all  kinds of multimedia/richmedia/videomedia/augmentedrealitymedia — but we were focused on click-through/drive to purchase based on a focused feature message.  The closer you get to the money side of the funnel we’re seeing so much of these days, the more “practical” people seem to become.  When they’re just foolin’ around, though, definitely give ’em something to fall in love with!  Like rich media with video…