Bigger banners are inevitable

techcrunch070109 Once you’ve had something for free it sucks to pay for it.  Oh well.  Most people would prefer advertising not intrude on our browsing experience.  I understand.  I wish American Express would stop intruding on my dining experiences.  We’re going to pay for valuable online content somehow, like with our attention to advertising (umm, not a new model).  There is no such thing as a free lunch.  Advertising will become more intrusive over time. It will also become more relevant and more (oh God I’m going to say it) engaging.  Remember when people found it unseemly to send unsolicited email?  Yeah, we got over that…


Launch a banner ad campaign in five minutes and $30

Yahoo! launched a service  (see below) this week that lets anyone quickly create a display banner ad from customizable templates and then buy a targeted media program (think SpotRunner for banner ads).  It’s easy to dismiss this as dreck — junky, nasty, pathetic, awful creative.  Harder to ignore the 0.57% click-through rate (CTR) on 17 million impressions for the highest-performing ad (that touts, unsurprisingly, “AMAZING VALUES!”).  Small/local businesses should appreciate this.  Small/local digital ad agencies, less so.